12 volt receptacle hook up 12 volt receptacle hook up

12 volt receptacle hook up

You should put a fuse right near the battery, at the beginning of the 12V wire. If you're still trying to leave town on schedule, you may want to just grab an external adapter from Pep Boys and go. You have a cold box that stays cool when it's plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter, and to top it all off, you've got your video camera plugged into a power inverter you were scatter-brained and forgot to charge it, and you're hoping to 12 volt receptacle hook up it on the way so you can use it tonight.

If the light glows, all is right. Read any installation instructions which come with the receptacle. Most of these outlets state " watts Max", but when I put just a watt 8 Amps load on them they immediately drop about 2 volts, i. Of course, your best bet is an exactly sized drill bit for the outlet or a reamer ; you'll find that the bits used to cut holes for 12 volts receptacle hook up work well for this.

If you have more devices than outlets, you can easily add more power connectors [ Discuss 0 Link to this hack ]. Pick a continuous path for the wires to flow through the car, hopefully with a minimum of pulling up carpets or pulling down headliners. The dashboard if there is one is a logical place, but a power plug-in at the 12 volt receptacle hook up especially if your boat is tiller steer or at the bow, if you fish from the front deck, might make more sense.

Check to ensure you can get access to the rear of the power socket where you are mounting it. Do not simply splice into existing wires leading to lights, radio or other electronics. Big trap, please don't get caught How can you make it possible to use all of these devices simultaneously? Make sure that your battery is disconnected while running the wires, or at least that the wires are disconnected. Installing a 12V power socket in your car for a portable fridge.

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The wire attachment contacts on the rear of most receptacles are the spade type, but some receptacles may have threaded posts requiring ring tongue connector. WARNING You don't want to blow a fuse and suddenly have no driving lights, so make sure you stick to wires that are for accessories, not for main car functions.

Many electrical items are designed to plug into a vold cigarette lighter socket or power receptacle. Plastic is very forgiving, so if you don't have a lot of drill bits—especially the large approximately 1" diameter needed for this install—you can use any wide metal blade with the same inner diameter to bore out your hole.

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Be careful not to lose them, as there's nothing that screams "lousy install" like a panel that never quite fits again. Drilling Holes The satisfying part of this installation is when you drill the holes.

Assuming you've remembered to purchase two reels black and either yellow or red of or gauge wire and an in-line fuse assembly at Pep Boys or the hardware store, you can now tap off the power. Let's say you're going on a trip. Now some people do get away with it ok because when the vehicle is running the alternator lifts the voltage up to around Insert the receptacle into the hole and tighten the ring nut on the back side of the unit to secure it to the surface of the mounting location.

Also, in this case, you don't need to use a fuse—and you may want to match the diameter of the wire you find to tap off of. You can now "daisy-chain" your power outlets. But if your car only has the cigarette lighter power socket that really holds a cigarette lighter, and points awkwardly up from an open ashtray as in older Mercedesthen what you really need to do is install more outlets.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in wildlife science from Purdue University. The wire connections and attaching ring nut are on backside of the receptacle. Planning Your Wiring The first step is simply to draw a quick sketch of where you want the outlets.

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Chances are it will list the size of the hole required to mount the unit.