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It really depends on social aspects.

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She used to take me paddling in her bikini, she was so pretty and she had this incredibly nice long-legged figire with the most perfect little tummy. The fact that there are no known cases where evolution has elected to prevent interbreeding between cousins in any species indicates that human interference in this regard is not well thought out.

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Finding this out changes the way we feel about each other. Peter, I think you comment is very interesting and right on! I am from Philippines and I have a case of planning to marry my girlfriend who is the daughter of my uncle, my cousin dating and her grandmother were both brother and sister could it be allowable to marry her here in our country from Philippines??

Thus lowering the possibly of siblings marrying each-other if say you wanted to marry your cousin but you could actually be marrying a half-sister. Fighting against nature is never a great idea.

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I think their intense distaste of each other is a sign that they are totally not a good match. Is it ok to like your step-cousin? I am from South-India.

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Business and Professional Relationships. The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. This can promote unhealthy situations like my cousin Maliha is in. The Judicial courts are run by Indian Spies. I'd never pass up the chance.

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Manna July 9, 8: One third of all handicapped children in Uk are born to Pakistani parenst, and a large number of the parents are first cousins. Many royal bloodlines were interbred, and cousins and even siblings were mixed together. Why is it wrong for cousins to date but not homosexuals? These cousin marriages ought to be forbidden.

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Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. I love my second cousin.

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Everyone on Earth is a cousin to some degree. I know now why he calls himself the Merciful, the Ever Merciful Lord. I feel really upset….

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While there have been instances of the banning of marriage between cousins at various points through history, such as the Roman Catholics banning the practice for a time starting with the Council of Agde in AD, for the most part marriage among cousins dating has been popular as long as people have been getting married. Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! It's probably more of a cultural thing than anything, but it doesn't make sense to date someone so closely related when there are tons of fish in the sea. The opinion owner is going to be notified and earn 7 XPER points.