30 year old dating 17 17 year old dating 30 year old guy?

30 year old dating 17, want to add to the discussion?

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Follow 10 I'd think less of him, and would wonder if has issues. Add your comments below.

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My husband is jws and yes he is 45 and i am 23 almost We're dating" Not you and your 30 year old dating 17 ofc, that'd be wrong if you and your mother were dating, so make it clear that you're dating Kelly. This is not an attempt to solicit business.

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Anything read here should be considered marginal information at best. He will take away your youth and u will not be happy, trust me ive seen it happen He is way too old.

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Maturity faces up to things. Not unless it is just for sex.

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I actually was friends with a guy in his early thirties who was doing this. Tough going with her family for the longest but it finally worked out.

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With age comes wisdom and as a parent we've watched our young adult develop into who they are and kno what is bad for them even when they can't see it yet. I don't think he'll try to change my mind about my choice on waiting to have sex. An age gap is an fundamental mental difference between people which can often lead to vast incompatibility, being of the same sex or of different races isn't.

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You two have a happy life: Tell me when this thread is updated: I think they're a loser and unable to impress someone at the same maturity level as themselves.