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Shares of Match Group, the parent of Tinder, OkCupid and other online dating services rose nearly 23 percent on their debut late last year.

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Social Surge - What's Trending. He said that mobile dating benefits users by helping them meet people from a larger network which "increases the chances of connecting with meeting that special someone.

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Paktor is a Singapore-based mobile-dating app which offers users the chance to reject swipe left or approve a match swipe right with over 5 million users across Asia.

A good way to tell singles that you are real is to upload a video of yourself doing something interesting.

According to Paktor's Phua, his findings show that Asians prefer to first meet fellow users in groups, rather than a more intimate one-on-one date. Having a hard time picking a name?

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Skout, Badoo, WeChat, etc. What should we call you? Ali told CNBC that he has had more luck with 'matches' on Tinder best dating app taiwan he claimed has a more diverse user base.

The preference, though, seems to be BeeTalk.

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Here are some available suggestions. The features include quick and advanced search, voice and video chat, instant text chat, wink, flirt, messaging and many best dating app taiwan. Phua founded Paktor after he was dumped from an eight-year long relationship, and decided to take matters directly into his own hands.

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Paktor, the Singapore-based app, also screens users for fake accounts, and requires you to have at least 50 friends on Facebook to sign up. I am also interested in anyone's particular experience with this. Is Line messenger popular in Taiwan?

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Questions Use the search or our Wiki before asking questions. He points to the Paktor Leaderboards where the most popular female and male users are ranked and Paktor's 'gift-giving' culture.

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