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Somehow, I just felt he had tobe the one. Tip Line Useful tips for you and your companion Continue Reading. If one rabbit mounts another displaying amorous behavior, it may only be as an act of dominance. This means that a friendship is budding.

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Spaying and neutering drastically reduces any aggressive and territorial behaviors as well as prevent any accidental babies if they are of opposite sexes. Find More Posts by LaylaLop. The following links contain information to help you properly decide whether or not to get another rabbit to bond.

Suggestions for a difficult bonding process: Many times male and female rabbits will be territorial with rabbits of their own gender.

Below are some stress bonding techniques.

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I got two babies, Smores and Maybelle. This will also help to prevent them from nipping, and, if they do nip, your hands are right there to pull them away.

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This means an area where neither rabbit has been in before. Gloves may slightly protect your bunnies dating, but you will still likely feel a very bunny dating chomp through the layers. Get Paid for Dates.

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Thanks Kim for taking the time to put your experience in "bunny bonding". As a final reminder, please use your own best judgement and comfort level when using stress bonding techniques. Try smaller areas and bigger areas.

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Bunny Bonding Techniques 3: Click the image to see the winners For all those who didn't make it to the top this time, there are 12 contests every year - so get those cameras out.

Bunnies have bad days too.