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California fishing hookup, the most exciting lure to hit the water

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A hook through the roof of the mouth and out the top of the upper jaw is less likely to turn back into the bait, resulting in a better hookup ratio. A treble hook through the back just forward of the tail gives the bait a slightly different action, which sometimes pays off when the bite slows down. Where and how you pin on a live bait such as a ballyhoo can make a big difference in the number of strikes and hookups you enjoy.

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Try Other Baits Don't be afraid to try live baits different from what our experts outline here. A hook through the back in front of the dorsal works well for sight-casting for marlin and fly-lining for yellowtail. Pinning the hook through the nostrils works for casting, slow-trolling, drifting or fishing on anchor with current.

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Each live sardine he cast resulted in a hookup. We wanted to share how effectively these baits work! Mark Wisch rigs an anchovy live bait. And in Southern California, anglers have discovered recently that sand dabs — small flatfish — are outstanding live baits for lingcod and other bottom fish.

South Florida/Keys

If you go with a light-wire hook, back off on your drag. As one of the top retail stores, we're proud to call them a preferred partner!

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When anchored in a current or fishing the bait on a kite, pin the hook lightly through the back, just forward of the dorsal. Raguso carries a long-handled net to catch squid, and also uses squid jigs to snare these 9- to inch-long baits.

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Hooking the pilchard through the back, just behind the dorsal fin, keeps the bait upright and splashing at the surface while dangled from a kite. A couple months ago.

Here's how he hooks them. Unlike any jig design on the market, Hookup Baits utilizes realistic eyes, shape, color and action, which significantly increases the number of bites and fish caught.

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Also experiment with hook placement, especially if you are missing fish when they bite. For spotted seatrout, pin one hook of a snelled No.

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Yellowfin tuna surrounded the boat, exploding off the transom, yet they ignored each lively Pacific sardine I cast. All four of our experts emphasized the need to match the hook to the bait, not to your quarry.

Hookup Baits

Well our Hookup Baits passed the test with flying colors in both bay and inshore! To make a bait swim away yet stay near the surface, hook the jack through the back, just forward of the dorsal fin.

Meanwhile, my longtime fishing buddy, Ron Ballanti, could do no wrong.

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Home Blake Miller T Make sure the hook pierces the internal shell. It lets you slow-troll and drift the bait. Tommy Pellegrin rigs a threadfin herring live bait. Here's how he hooks these live baits. Mark Wisch likes to hook them.