Charter internet hook up HELP PLEASE, cant get router to work with charter internet

Charter internet hook up

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Most people here are making this sound WAY more difficult than it is. That's nothing more than a money grab for Charter!!

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With a router charter can't see anything plugged in past the router. Doesn't take any time at all except for actually plugging it in and connection cords and rebooting.

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Rungel to arbit3r9 Premium Member Jan-9 7: You should know have an Internet connection. All I did was run an Ethernet cable from the Charter modem to my router.

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More about help please router work charter internet. I have left them changed ever since. Make sure the ethernet from the cable modem is plugged into the Internet port on the router. Rungel Premium Member Jan-9 Rampage to Rungel Member Jan-9 8: Can a wifi router be connected to my charter modem?

Rungel to lineofsight Premium Member Jan-8 3: He's got a great one that will work now Charter can't "see" anything past their modem anyway as far as I know. I do agree though - buy a new one from the store.

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As for mac cloneing there is no need for that as it will work no problem. Won't cover their modem?

Gotta watch that bill to make charter internet hook up they live up to their promise! Post your scary optimum bills - Remove personal info [ OptimumOnline ] by redoak09 Just get a router that has "N" charter internet hook up, turn everything off, then turn on modem first, wait for all lights to come on, then turn router on and wait for all lights on that to come on, then turn computer on and surf!!

One earlier comments about a router to handle the speed, a router with least G or N should be fast enough if wireless devices just doing internet browsing and no file transfers. No way did you tell her that, I hope? Power on the router and hold the reset button in until it resets to the factory settings.

Now I can't access internet. Please help solved Please help, cant work out free dating pittsburgh will be best upgrade.

Don't clone the MAC unless you feel like you really want to. If you are willing to spend about 15 minutes on setup, I will bet you can make this work without forking out recurring charges to Charter.

Also, you will want to change the default password to access router. Maybe back in the days of Napster when everyone was file sharing so openly and they were running scared for fear of getting caught, but otherwise, NEVER!! Computer ] by wutsinterweb The only thing Charter will tell you if you ever have to call them for something is to plug the computer directly into the modem as no, they can't see anything behind the router.