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Christian speed dating singapore

Her first experience of love, as a shy schoolgirl of 18, was conducted mostly through letters. Ms Wee Le Fong, 40, a former air stewardess of 11 years, wonders if she has led the lifestyle of a cabin crew member for too long, and is too used to doing things on her own.

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And sometimes, singletons are too independent and comfortable with their lifestyle to make the effort to find a partner. Although we do not guarantee success or good photo for online dating through our dating events, we can guarantee our commitment to good service and facilitation.

There are more single people now, but most want to get married. So what is stopping them?

She was from a girls' school and mostly socialised with the same group of friends through secondary school, junior college and university. Having given up on dating apps, he says he still wants to find a wife who shares his Christian faith. Interested in navigating the open waters?

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The median age for first-time grooms in Singapore rose from So what is stopping them? Berthing of the boat 3.

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I sometimes spend weekends with my elder brother and sister and their children. I know I get attached very easily. Maneuvering the boat 2.


Kang, 40, who has never had a relationship, puts it this way: Inthere wereSingapore residents who were singles, compared to 1, last year - a jump of almost 25 per cent over 10 years, figures from the Department of Statistics show. Our events are for eligible singles Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Employment Pass holders only. The friends have less time to hang out and have fewer new friends to recommend as possible matches.

The adjunct lecturer at Singapore Polytechnic, now 50, has not christian speed dating singapore up on the search for a life partner. He found that having a stream of romantic possibilities was not conducive to finding a committed relationship and stopped using it three years ago. At social events organised by a dating agency, he found himself sitting across women in their 20s.


Two years after she divorced her second husband, they got together briefly again. I'm not prepared for that," she says. So he tried, and is still trying. More than media coverages by local and foreign media! She was chatted up by men she met in different situations, including through her club, Singapore Recreation Club, at dinner parties and at community centre events.

Mr Victor Chua, 50, who runs his own tour operations business, lost his wife seven years ago when she was knocked down by a lorry, leaving behind their son, who was just one then. We tend to get 'more single'. These days, Mr Chua, who mostly finds dates through work, says anyone he has a relationship with has to understand that "my christian speed dating singapore will not be spent entirely with her.

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There are also those who find online dating exhausting, meeting person after person on first date after first date. If I ever have a man, my whole life would change. Also, some people I know have been conned by men they met online.

Ms Yeo is part of Singapore's swelling ranks of "singles" - a term used by statistics gatherers to define someone who has never married - who are aged 35 and older. She and her ex went on dates like any other couple, having meals together and going to places such as the Botanic Gardens and museums.

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