Dating a girl that got raped 14 Things rape survivors want the men who date them to know

Dating a girl that got raped, do u mind dating a girl who was raped b4?

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But she's my world. How to Date a Rape Survivor. Be willing to talk to her if she's willing to be open not everyone is as open as I am and try not to pass judgement on the situation that occurs.

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Therapy didn't help and meds really are just a temporary fix. I could tell it was painful for him, but he did it out of love and that helped me heal.

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She told me about it very soon after we started dating and initially I was very cautious about initiating anything sexual. Its taken me this long to realize that I cant carry the burden anymore of when I was gang raped when I was This is an archived post.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. She couldn't control what was happening to her body pregnancyshe couldn't control what hours she slept or what activities she did babyand she couldn't control her husband's attitude towards her using her as a DD a lot. At first, any sexual contact we made terrified her and she would cry uncontrollably, even if she initiated the contact. But "survivor" is how I like to think of myself. I knew only that she was beautiful, and from what she had told me during the first semester, many guys on our campus took to her beauty.

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Wed spend next to every night with each other after work just eating pizza and watching Netflix. She didn't want my knowledge about the rape to change anything, but it was something I tried to be aware of. But he's only concerned for her.

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She'll need her dating a girl that got raped system, and will hopefully utilize someone to help her get through this. There are definitely lasting effects.

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Im not perfect but i think highly of myself. I was ashamed that I had caused him pain by denying him access to my body.

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Urging her to go see a therapist may imply to her that she is broken or something is wrong with her that needs fixing. Things will be challenging at times, but will get easier when you show understanding and patience. It's not just about sex.

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