Dating a girl whos been sexually abused 14 Things rape survivors want the men who date them to know

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He truly is a good person deep down anyone can see that. The idea of the cycle of abuse can be very distressing to men who have been sexually abused. Again he would deny it and then make me feel like it was my fault for bringing it up again.

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You mention that in many ways he is an ideal husband. He was unemployed and has now got a job. In his shallow relationships, he comes across as very charming, loving, and caring, and for a very long time he was very caring and loving with me. Kathie December 16, at 7: It may or may not be related to past abuse, but it can feel more hopeful to be focussed on what can be done now rather than the daunting prospect of going over past trauma.

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Be clear on what behaviours you will and will not tolerate, such as manipulation, deceit, etc. While it seems there is a lot going on for him, there really is no way of knowing whether your partner has been sexually abused in the past from his current behaviour.

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Hopefully this provides you with some helpful information, but we always encourage people to seek out a good counsellor if they can. Prior to meeting men in the past two years, he was only emailing dirty things to other old men for 5 years.

It is encouraging to hear that you are conscious of looking dating a girl whos been sexually abused yourself as well.

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All of us me, his wife, his friends are all very confused about his behavior. Tell me it's not my fault. I would like to know how else to cope.

If he is, and you are seeking to help him, it is important that you prioritise your own safety and well-being.


It's not just about sex. Some men try to manage feeling moody, withdrawn, uncertain and uncommunicative by taking himself off and keeping himself to himself.

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You can sympathize with useven if you've never been assaulted and men can be victims of sexual abuse too. I just want to do right by him and to make up for what happened to him….

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There are also lots of great exercises you can do together to help your girlfriend feel more comfortable and safe. I recently learned that he was groomed my someone who was later convicted of abusing a number of boys. It might be important ellen pompeo drake dating take some time first to get to know this woman: You might want to talk with one of our counsellors online or on the telephone to help work out where to from here for you.

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