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The dude is almost Yet, so many of your posts are crabbing about how bad things are. You are absolutely correct, and the need to date and marry older is one of the logical consequences of the current SMP.

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Men will ideally continue to grow and appreciate regardless of female attention or lack thereof. Which makes sense — in the course of 24 months, I transformed from a college senior who'd never lived on my own and subsisted primarily on bagels stolen from the school cafeteria to a financially independent adult who worked a serious job and subsisted primarily on bagels stolen from work.

Just because they are older, it doesn't mean they are going to pay for everything.

Like a fine wine, we get better with age and also still laugh at fart jokes.

I just dating a guy five years older than me it must have been hard to go from Gabriel Byrne to Perelman. We dated a bit and had a great time for about six weeks before she gave me a brief apology and returned to the other coast. One thing I want to write about more is how women can be high quality as potential mates. I hope he has what it takes to get the type of woman he wants. Every divorced man out there has an ex wife who has said things like this about him.

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Second, the Beta Provider Gambit ascribes nefarious motives to the female. The entire situation threw me for a loop.

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I feel like i'd be charged with statutory rape. But at least you grasp the radical notion that others may not think and feel exactly like you do at all times. But as long as he keeps adjusting the age of his women up to compensate his aging, dating will become easier and easier.

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Or any Nickelodeon TV shows. I think phases of life are more important than the actual number on your age. People have a much easier time, it seems, getting on board with the idea of a woman taking a younger partner for purely sexual reasons than they do with the idea of a woman in a serious relationship with a younger partner. Only problem Ive run into was family. An older partner doesn't always equate to a sugar daddyor mama, though—even if they have the cash.

That sounds like a term invented by a woman projecting. And quite possiblely for many years, too, just like my grandmother. Do not insult or troll people, including in PMs. It is also important to be clear about what you want from the relationship, even if the conversation feels a little stodgy.

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However, an older man and a younger woman is a much better formula for marital success. Outliers on both ends occur. This is exactly my view.

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That includes cooking elaborate meals, pretending you enjoy baseball and agreeing to watch old war movies. Theres no reason to suspect a woman who is a virgin at X point is an ice queen 30 maybe.

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Looking young does not prevent problems with fertility. Others believe men are most attracted to women who are fertile now. Like I said, online dating is normal in NYC where people are stressed to the death over their careers and have run out of numbers in their rolodexes.

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But suddenly, they would be coming around asking my secretary about me and whether my marriage was solid in one caseleaving little treats nothing significantrepeatedly eye fucking me in the hallway in the case of a different oneor, in another case, just repeatedly asking me if there is anything she could do for me though not in my department and getting all red and flustered and unable to keep eye contact when I spoke to her.

This idea that women seek different traits for LTRs is not exactly novel or new. Otherwise, she gave him the excuse to break up with her with her reticence.

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