Dating a guy with no job or car MODERATORS

Dating a guy with no job or car

Thanks for responding, Sjed.

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Only the heavens know how he plans on getting me all of that. Sometimes yes but for the most part, no remember, women ask for divorce two-thirds of the time.

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When he told me wanted a divorce to pursue other women …. The authors found evidence of both choices. No seeking medical advice. Exactly zero Quote from akindler: I paid all the bills, I took care of him and myself; not to mention i had two kids at the time.

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Women like you anna are why guys would rather stay single. Money can not only buy love, but it can also buy happiness.

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My husband is unemployed right now and has been off and on through our relationship. As long as they gave me a heads up concerning what sorts of dates they could afford and let me know if I need to treat if we eat out. However, if they were unemployed but still doing meaningful things with their life The quick and dirty version click the graphic for the full set: Plus I'm living with my parents, so I don't need one now so desperately.

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They may complain, but they never leave their men because it gives the drama in life and something to talk about. Listen, I do not mind dating a man who has a job that makes less than me. There were no groceries in his fridge.

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I did not realise or understand the importance of a good education and job until to late and after my last girlfriend dumpingrme because of money issues I am close to giving up all together. There reasons other than laziness why someone wouldn't have a job that's for both men and women.

Provides GREAT emotional support, great sexy times, great conversations, great humor, helps around my apartment when I ask him, etc.

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Yes he works temp jobs but its just enough to buy his toiletries and a bus pass. He paid me one time.

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Yes if she were under 25 and in college. Among the interesting questions posed:. Wishing you the best.