Dating a male journalist 8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Journalist

Dating a male journalist

Experienced with a wide range of information and circumstances, journalists always have suggestions and solutions to your problems. Some will say dating a journalist is hard due to lack of time or money. You have nothing to worry about when planning a trip with a journalist as they usually know someone everywhere — their contact list is a true treasure.

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So, no more wasting money on newspapers and cables for news channels. They may want to do yoga while listening to rock music, drink coffee infused with vodka, take a shower without really taking a shower just because hearing the water flow out helps them think better. Not sure what friends with benefits actually are or want to learn more? Newer Post Older Post Home.

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As your date is trained to read between the lines, knowing when to interject or simply listen comes easily to them. They are good with words. Taking nothing at face value and questioning everything is not generally okay in a romantic relationship.

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You are a journalist and want to know what others think about dating you and of course you want to know if this article holds true and factual for journalism and self validation purposes. They can make something important trivial and vice versa. But here are some reasons why you should take up the challenge:.

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They live their on-the-go life to the fullest. They are great at adapting to people and situations — Given that datings a male journalist have to interact with various sorts of people and go about different kinds of situations, they can be more flexible.

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It's why so datings a male journalist press events provide free alcohol and food - we will turn up to the opening of an envelope if there's free stuff on offer. Journalists have no time to mop over trivial matters.

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The great thing though about their investigative talents is that sometimes they can use that to help you out. They know how to keep a girl happy. I've yet to meet any journalist that looks like freaking Clark Kent.

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You probably possess these must-have qualities. Getting the information right is more important than getting the information right now.

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Conversing with them can be engaging, intellectually stirring and endless, since they can discuss anything under the sun. By default, people who choose journalism as their career value details and go to the deep ends of any conversation. A lot of weird things that other people may not get. In order to be ahead of competitors, journalists need to make a lot of contacts with people in high positions.

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Written by Doaa Farid. They can perfectly balance their work and their relationships. They're Outgoing As a journalist, a large portion of her day is spent contacting sources for interviews or inspiration for her next article.

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They will love it if you plan a weekend trip out of town together and will know how to make each moment a decent memory. There are thousands of editors around the world who could set you straight on that one. Wanting to date a journalist or c.