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I wanted to hurl my drink in his beautiful, stupid face! All my friends, my mom's friends, and his mom's friends—basically all adult females—get an instant crush on him.

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Most people immediately want to see pictures. There is such a thing as too many heart-eye emojis. I kind of look like Julianne Moore after she's had a big lunch or If a normal guy had stood me up for an hour without a call, I would have gone home and watched Project Runway.

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Our first date consisted of him talking about all the shoots he had been on. I no longer felt glamorous; I was changing back into my frumpy, post-breakup self. Using a beautiful man for sex didn't bolster my clearly low self-esteem, it just made me feel cheap and stupid.

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I don't know if you've noticed, but they're all a few threads short of a sweater.

In the meantime, I kept swiping away. As I rode there in an Uber, I started to forget about my ex. I felt confident and glamorous.

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It was almost like he wanted to be watched. Look, I totally bought into it OK and joined in. Then, little by little, I began swiping.

When you dating a male model yourself single again, you remember all the hot boys that can lie on top of you.

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But while you're focusing on whether you like that Under Armour t-shirt, I see the cutie wearing it. Finally, the date seemed to be picking up.

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Why was I putting myself through this? I should be grateful to be chosen as his date at all. You could blame my baby face, his five o'clock shadow, our three-year age difference, or the fact that he has about pounds of muscle on me.

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I walked home alone feeling a little better about the world. Read our Privacy and Cookie Policy to find out more.

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What a dick, right? If I miss him, I can just go buy him on Amazon.

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And he spent the next hour in her loo. So, I finally gave in.

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You only date someone who takes pictures of themselves daily once in your lifetime, right? Sign Up For exclusive news, reviews, ace competitions and discounts, sign up for our email.

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The thought of being in a relationship with a male model makes me want to vomit all over their absurd collection of hair products and expensive facial lotions. Click here to continue Or go back to the safe stuff.

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It was foolish of me to expect him to treat me like I was on his level.