Dating a pakistani guy Dating a Pakistani man.. kinda long

Dating a pakistani guy

I'm not quite sure why the parents would disapprove of me, although I think it's more of a cultural thing rather than a religious thing he's muslim while I consider myself not to be a religious person.

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Do cultural differences really matter? He may not be a practising Muslim but since he was born in a Muslim family he inherited of the characteristics of Muslims. If you truly respected and loved yourself it would be a no brainer for YOU to say I deserve a guy who can say he loves me and have his family accept me as well - and I am sure that any guy who can't give me that isn't worth my time! Not sure how i can privately message you tho Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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Additional giveaways are planned. They are family oriented and what mummy days goes!

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White American dating South Asian Muslim. Some people have to learn from their own mistakes.

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He'd even bow whenever we met, he always was extra nice. Getting married to a Pakistani man without family approval will cause a lot of problem in the future even he can ends up having a Pakistani girl as his second wife. I want to join whatsupp group too, as I am also considering marrying a Pakistani man.

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Some are very open and accepting and some are as backward as they come. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.

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Dec 3rd, 9. I too find it terribly hard to let go. The Prophet SAW said: All times are GMT Tbh, it doesn't sound odd.

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It seems immature to still live in your childhood bedroom. Please understand this fact: All times are GMT Originally Posted by steph. We could talk about anything, he was always there, we were safe and comfortable with each other.

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Member since 19 March Probably foresaw that you wouldn't be able to put up with the many differences for very long. Or thats and stigma we or you wont take out Page 6 of This is exactly why many nations have raised the bar substantially for visa applications made by Pakistani citizens. This way you both can have some dating a pakistani guy He may be as Maham said, a bit shy dating in asia sign in dating a pakistani guy though he isnt a practicing Muslim I am NOT interested in dating a Mama's Boy and sometimes people from Asian cultures are much more subservient to their parents.

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I'm not a western, I'm Indonesian, and my country has the largest muslim in the world, I'm a muslim and I practice too but still He said to me, that I need to change a lot if I want to be with him. I would therefore have no problem converting, but conversion in itself doesn't guarantee acceptance by his family.

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Originally Posted by desertsun09 I can apprecaite your concerns, but please read my response to another thread on the breakup forum: Dec 3rd, 1. Last edited by Maham; Dec 3rd, at Member since 17 August