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Dating agency cyrano ep 11

I think he used the theatre as an excuse to leave because online dating someecards around Do-Il and Yi Seul was painful.

I can't help it. I Like Seung-Po though, Byung-hoon is such a jerk. From baseball star to dating agency cyrano ep 11 in Smart Prison Living. He has a traumatic back story. Requiem July 2, at 4: Byung-hoon feigns shock when the elevator stops, and watching from the surveillance van, Min-young notes that the boss sure has terrible acting skills. I just found out.

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Hye Ri was suspicious from the start, but her making Moo Jin come out of shell somewhat made us forgo the things we thought were wrong with her. Aside from the random forced ending, i liked this ep. Byung-hoon mutters to himself that Seung-pyo had to go off-script and be extra-cool for no reason. She always look uncomfortable around him, too.

Hm, is this a revenge thing then?

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Whatever it is I hope Moojin can see through her facade and dont misunderstand the situation. Before finishing episode 13 with subs, I spoiled myself by reading some posts about the kidnapping scene.

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I know this isn't likely, but I've had this thought in the back of my mind throughout the series. Inside, Min-young nods off while Byung-hoon pulls out an old photo of his high school trio. Time to draw out your sword, Cyrano! Yes I would really like to see how it all unravels and Seo Byung and Master fighting to rescue her.

Min-young suggests a little baseball break for themselves, which takes them to the batting cages.

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The one that brought Min-Young into the agency So I assume Seung Pyo considers Do Il his savior helping him turn his gangster life around, thus will never forgive Byung Hoon for indirectly causing his death. I enjoy the lightness of this show mixed in with a bit of conflict and so far it's been doing a great job at maintaining that. Yeah, there are other sources, but i like the fact they always had different links, was safe, and plenty of shows -- not just k-dramas.

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I do appreciate that it gave us a twist at the end, because otherwise it would have seemed too plain and straightforward, and inserted purely as metaphor fodder.

He drops the case. This episode was like a collection of every aspect of the whole agency premise, explored just a little to give us a taste of potential conflicts without belaboring any one in particular—an efficient episode, in that sense.

Cyrano has been a nice surprise so far: Min-young trudges out of work, thinking wistfully that chatting with Seung-pyo used to be the best for days like this.

Episode 5 by odilettante.

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