Dating agency cyrano happy ending

Dating agency cyrano happy ending

Anyway, really enjoyed the last half of this episode, and the series overall! LOL I love it.

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Byung-hoon finds him here and says he ought to have punched Arang, not the wall. Crazy laughs in his face and calls him stupid for going to such lengths for a woman in dating agency cyrano happy ending with someone else, but Seung-pyo just wants to know where Min-young is. Really, BH, you want your girlfriend to give up everything for you and change her profession just because you want to give up the agency?

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I was like "what did she say dammit! But it felt so refreshing in dramaland where it seems like every heroine has some kind of disease when it comes to kisses O. Usually I have issues with naive and bubbly but her character has enough merits to make up for it. I also couldn't understand why no one was calling emergency services for Seung Pyo after they had disarmed the bomb and knocked out crazy dude.

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I really, really, really don't like Master. S most popular female pop group, with hit songs like. I thought that the point was he repeated that part word-for-word? OCN confirms second season of Voice for lineup.

For stealing his brother's girlfriend and blaming his brother maybe somehow related death to him? Ivoire, I beat you to it? Cyrano has been a nice surprise so far: Did he just disagree ideologically with manipulating people's feelings? It lights up his face in the most heartwarming way.

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Seung-pyo gives her a thumbs-up, and she thanks him for his help. I don't know if I said things clearly xD.