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That's really robbing the cradle! Many people feel the presenter is past her sell-by date. I'm sure they think I'm past my sell-by date after I mixed up all those important files. That player is definitely past his sell-by dateā€”he hasn't had a good season in years.

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By extension, to be past the peak of one's abilities or career. I've never met the Duchess personally.

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In her in public relations, she sometimes rubs shoulders with famous people. In or into accordance with current information, styles, or technology: These books date from the s.

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Coral corrects carbon dating problems. COMMON A blind date is an arrangement made for you to spend time with someone you have never met before to see if you would like to have a romantic relationship with them.

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To date, only half of those invited have responded. My passport was out of date, so they wouldn't let me on the flight.


Follow us on Facebook. Jackie has a heavy date tonight and is hoping to take her relationship to the next level.

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Convey information up to the present; also, make one aware of or conform to new ideas, improvements, or styles. Do you think our marriage has passed its sell-by date?

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These geocodes, plus the four-digit Uniform Crime Report UCR code and the report datemake up the key elements necessary to compute, sort, and track the criminal activity in any community. Most food has a dating idioms and phrases stamped on its packaging: This vase dates back to the Victorian period.

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Bring me up to date on these candidates for the job. We haven't made any friends yet but we're on nodding terms with our neighbours. No longer in fashion or the current style.

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We brought the room up-to-date with a little paint and some modern furniture.