Dating old telephones Antique and Vintage Western Electric Telephones

Dating old telephones

Emails to gp theoldtelephone. What this means is that earlier Fiddleback phones produced their own alternating dating old telephones for power using a magneto, or small electric generator that got power as the phone was cranked, and the direct currents needed to operate them came from by batteries housed within the phones.

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Collectors also value phones that are as original as possible with few reproduction parts used when they are restored. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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In addition to serving as a telephone, it also operated as an intercom using the datings old telephones below the transmitter mouthpiece. Retrieved from " https: Made of bakelite, plastic, or metal.


The following generation of Picture Frame Front phones eliminated exposed datings old telephones as well, and were made without cathedral top backs. Collectors range from teenagers to year-olds, from ex-telephone company employees to people who never worked in the business, from people who make money working on phones to weekend warriors.

To see a larger picture, click the thumbnail image. In the United Kingdom the letter "O" was combined with the digit "0" rather than "6". These phones get their power to operate when cranked to activate their magneto, or small generator, and they also require batteries to make them work. The anti-side tone and impedance matching transformer also differed. Dials at dating old telephones stations typically produced pulses at the rate of ten pulses per second ppswhile dials on operator consoles on Crossbar or electronic exchanges often pulsed at 20 pps.

In this design the holes extend around the full circumference of the dial, allowing a reduced diameter.

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This reduced losses while the telephone was in use, and provided more reliable ringing. About the Example Shown Here: If you do, try dialing out, and then dialing in to test the ringer. When Western Electric had sufficiently developed modern handset design in the s, the Western Electric candlesticks were superseded by a series of new desktop models, starting with the A1 mount in the mid s.

Writing platforms vary slightly in size and slant from model to model and maker to maker just as with Plain Front phones. Calls in the evening are not appreciated and could dating old telephones me very grumpy. Collectors refer to these as Picture Frame Front telephones because of the decorative routing in the wood around the mouthpiece.

This was introduced by Western Electric on the compact Trimline telephonethe first to locate the dial in the handset. These candlesticks were luxury items, highly styled out of nickel-plated brass, and produced by dozens of manufacturers. Each of the ten digits is encoded in sequences of up to ten pulses so the method is sometimes called decadic dialling.

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In the Ericsson telephone list you will find that some diagram numbers can be cross referenced. Most are made of oak, so finding a two box wall phone made of another type of wood like the walnut example shown here can add value as well.

The hinged front enabling easy access to view the internals is a useful feature. This page will get you started To learn more about antique telephones, read: The A1 was only distributed for a very short time until the B-type telephone mount model telephone was completed ina streamlined design that replaced the tube-shaft with a sculpted cone shape. Values vary depending on the cosmetic condition and whether or not the phone is in operating order. For example, some parts used in dials in the 's are transposable with parts from the 's. Most can be described as pristine.

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As I usually only restore on an "as required basis", there may be some delay before any telephone is actually available for dispatch or collection. Two Box Wall Phone. Others are available from time to time.