Dating should be like buying a car Buying a New Car Is Kind Of Like Dating

Dating should be like buying a car

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Once you've decided on the car you want, begin comparing apples-to-apples pricing at different dealerships. There will be more Camrys and Rav-4s than Land Cruisers. You don't even know where all the buttons are yet. Keep up with the story here. Upon shifting the gear from park to drive, I knew this was the car for me. I love my new Honda Civic, I just want to shout it from the mountaintops!

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Be very clear to the sales consultant that you are just test-driving and are still considering several models. Making a profit on the financing is "plus business. Keep that in mind before abandoning your local dealer for a low quote two hundred miles away.

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Visit a few showrooms for vehicle presentations and test drives. Before you get all nervous that a dealer will try to give you a higher APR than you could get elsewhere, remember: You can't walk into a dealership with the Kelly Blue Book app on your phone and expect to have everything you need to get a deal. So a smart, reputable dealer will do whatever is necessary to earn your business and keep you local.

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You will get some competitive quotes. Buying the right car is as important if not more important than the deal you get.

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Picking the Car or "Getting Exclusive". This report puts certain dealers above the rest in very black and white terms.

How to research the best deal on a new car

Take in the info on any specials, rebates, and financing incentives. If you come prepared with the rates local banks are offering, you can usually leverage an dating should be like buying a car better financing deal at the dealership. The email needs to include: The Old Car or "The Ex". So how does all this talk about buying used cars relate to dating? Give the dealers 24 hours to respond with their best offer and tell them you will give a credit-card deposit over the phone to secure the deal. Everyone online is perfect according to their profiles and how they describe themselves.

You'll see the bread-and-butter cars with over twenty in stock as well as the lower demand and lower supply models. Your goal is to determine the level of demand for the model car you want to buy.

Understanding conditions in the new-car market

Just don't expect any special treatment from the dealer with the lowest price. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru.

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For security reasons you should upgrade your browser. My "car dating" experience went a little something like this:. Our lease is for three years and I don't want to rush things but I could actually see me buying him when it's up.


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Yes, I know most of you disagree.