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Dating vinyl

vinyl pressings

This can also help you determine if a vinyl record is an original or not. If it's on the sleeve it's usually in the upper right corner, back side, or somewhere near the record label logo.

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The first thing to look for when buying vinyl records on eBay is whether the seller is displaying photos of items like matrix numbers, catalog numbers, and the record itself. In addition to all of the above methods, you also want to take a look at the album art. This way, you are able to see the numbers for yourself.

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Grading Once you buy a lot of albums, you become aware of grading. After you create your free accountyou will be able to customize many options, you will have the full access to over 1, posts.

This is why it is so important to do a little research to determine if the record you want for your collection had a vinyl press. In this situation, you want to find the original album art and compare it to copies from later releases in order to decide if the vinyl is an original.

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Album Jacket With the jacket, you want to look for ring wear, mold, seams that are splitting, and wear and tear, including anything written on the album.

Eminem Infinite Vinyl First Pressing. Are you a dating vinyl lover and collector of vinyl records? Many albums are released again after several years have passed, which can be confusing.

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Make sure to register - it's free and very quick! I'm somewhat new to record collecting. If so, you probably know that original vinyl pressings are some of the most valuable records out there.

Buying Original Vinyl Pressings on eBay You can find great deals on original vinyl pressings when you shop online at eBay. Catalog and Matrix Numbers of Original Vinyl Pressings You also find that you can learn a lot about a dating vinyl by considering the catalog numbers.

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This can be important especially if the vinyl is rare or very valuable. The catalog number is a number that identifies the version of the record.

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The matrix number is used during the manufacturing process to determine side A from side B, but can be very helpful in determining the authenticity of an album. The most valuable records are those that have few or no scratches.

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Simply put, an original pressing is not a reissue. Once you have that determined, you probably also want to determine its value, especially if it is meant to be part of a collection.

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This can help you identify the label, then you can go back and do some more research to determine if it could be an dating vinyl or not. Also, take a look at the shipping information as well as any insurance information before you buy. If the seller does not show these things, or they use a stock photo, contact them by clicking the link to " Ask seller a question ," and find out if they can add more photos.