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I had a good chuckle reading it. For a different take on dating in Uganda, you might enjoy The drama of dating in Uganda — seen through the lives of an Expatriate http: And I would certainly NEVER get on the back of a motorbike of some random guy who appears out of nowhere, like everyone does in Kampala. Gosh JRR Tolkien at 7 years old, high brow indeed! Can I share your Why do Muzungu datings white ladies in uganda like dating Rastas?

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On our celebrity radar, some of our stars have opted for European partners. She linger-lingered around even more. There is a different dynamic at play.

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I love cookingoutings, adventure and willing to learn what I don't know. There were many Ugandans with dreadlocks who were not Rastafarians or fake rastas including Nyabingi — google her and learn long before bazungu came to this part of Africa and began labelling and classifying people with foreign labels and classifications. February 11, at 4: I did a tour of Ethiopia couple of years ago and hooked up with some adorable Rasta guys, one from TZ and one from the West Indies.

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I think it is just so easy to judge a certain group of people because they are few,… all those bad things they are using to categorize Rastas are just individual constraints. It puts a lot of stuff into perspective, and has helped me understand certain things a bit better… including a recent interaction I had, which initially left me scratching my head. Let me put it this way, we are not conservatives, we are just slow transformers. I like swimming, reading novels, travelling, and listening to music especially hipop music.

All this come to an end when i met Penelope at the airport when i was saying goodbye to one of my muzungu handling dating disappointment who was going back to Austria.

I also, I enjoy your blog a lot! That said, I haven't experienced it myself. Recent Tweets Diary of a Muzungu Uganda travel news is out! From my own perspective, I think this is a wrong inference.

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To those cynical and close minded people I am a naive fool and he is a heartless bastard. This one in particular is interesting because I have often wondered why Muzungu women always go for the guy with dreadlocks every time I see a couple walk down the streets of Kampala. December 19, at 4: Guess who the muzungu bumps into at Club Silk, Kampala? Tell us what are your I tensions too.

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But a question lingers in the minds of many Ugandans: Well I believe the point is somewhere that rasta understand a muzungu culture than average Ugandans which makes it easy for him to hook a muzungu girl. You have an unbiased perspective of this beautiful nation for that I give you credit. We know Rastas have essentially unlimited experience with little white girls, so they know how to talk to them.