Did agent ward and may hook up Melinda Qiaolian May

Did agent ward and may hook up, grant douglas ward

Occasional cliffhangers, which I feel are more like a Marvel Comic ending than, 'it's all neatly tied up in a bow.

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Of course, it could be that Ward and May just have drinks and share war stories and pass out in a drunken haze, but the look on her face when she walked by him made it sure seem like she wanted something more, and vice versa.

May is fiercely loyal to her S. New York Comic Con. May is extremely gifted in the field of martial arts.

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It's not even like she's in love with him. Seriously, the man is a catch and Dating denmark english can't believe no one has even hit on him yet.

However, the experiences May had on that mission, which she refused to fully disclose to Phil Coulson, left her emotionally scarred and caused a radical change in her personality.

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Oh wait, no I don't. Maybe Ward just wants to learn t'ai chi! Ward wins for landing May! What was needed, May? Ward was comforted by his trainee, Skye Chloe Bennetbut ultimately wound up in the hotel room of Agent Melinda May Ming-Na Wen with a bottle of booze and plenty of time to We'll have to keep watching to find out.

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Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected. Coulson relies heavily on May and understands that she does not like being in the field, he also understands that she is very dangerous.

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I also liked the fact that it was left open to interpretation. Agent Ward is a gruff, sexy, anti-social man. She gives Skye a look Skye: Wouldn't mind getting my human hands on Thor.

And moments like May calling Ward out of being late, and Ward's reaction to Skye trash-talking May become all the more painful when as viewers we know what's happening, but where all the other does agent ward and may hook up are clueless.

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The good news is that the old May is still in there somewhere since she pulled a prank on Fitz Iain De Caestecker in the episode's end tag.

The battle of the New York was the end of the world.

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She is frequently the pragmatist to Coulson's more humanitarian approach, for example, in " Repairs ", when she tranquilizes Hannah Hutchins to ensure the situation does not escalate. I guess I just grew up that way. They confirmed that it's been more than one time in the most recent episode the one after the one that ended with her leaving the door open. In " Turn, Turn, Turn ", May states that she put together the team, by essentially guiding Coulson to choose the people she would need, including the tech-bio combo of Fitz and Simmons and Ward as a specialist, if it became necessary to put Coulson down.

She managed to free all of the hostages unharmed. Maybe there's an ex wife and three kids that we haven't heard about yet.

Did Agent Ward And May Hook Up

And if she was, then it would be gross no matter who she did it with. Ward appears to commit crimes not out of loyalty to HYDRA or any other ambition but simply out of obedience to Garrett.

Seemed to have respect for one another as agents.

Ward had two brothers, the elder of whom forced him to torment his younger brother. Nothing against the cellist, that military ma'am or any hypothetical ex-wife that I already hatebut it is just weird that someone like him is not taken. Abuse of the TV. This - now - is the new world. Let them have some fun.

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