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If you have a year or so to spend learning and piecing your site together, then Drupal is a good solution, but don't expect anything that will happen quickly. But getting a professional looking website, essential for both credibility and usability, can cost thousands.

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I really like DrupalSN. You can dating site theme your backup files for further use.

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After a quick launch, your template will look just the same as on our Live Demo. Hello, I have a big dating site with thousands of members and visitors each day.

In the last 5 months without spending a penny on marketing or advertising there has been over 18, visitors.

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Blue - Hair's Color: Posted by Anun on July 28, at 2: We can call you in 60 seconds, just enter your number below. A Drupal template muight have specific requirements for the hosting to ensure that it functions properly. All Features included to keep you happy with your website.

Posted by no longer here Upgrade PHP will that effect sites already published.

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Since then, I think maybe it is usefull to list the modules I have installed so far in my dating site and then trying to provide details of basic functionalities of a typical dating website. It provides its users with a set of capabilities for the most sophisticated website maintenance needs and requirements.

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Custom modules I tend to strip and use ideas maybe, but mostly custom written for the site. CMSdatingdating sitePlugintemplatetheme. I'm about to start developing a dating site, just need some basic functionalities and it seems like it's pretty straightforward to design it with Drupal.

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You will see the progression much faster and if after later you will need only one feature from your dating site, you will be able to pick up the module you already did or even publish it on Drupal module repository. Of course, you need to install and configure the modules and tune the theme to your specifications, so it's not trivial.

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