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What is more, the new technique reduces the number of punctures needed to analyse the writing on a document to just one.

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Counterfeit Platinum Certificate A dispute arose as to the genuineness of certain Platinum Certificates purporting to have been issued by the Union Bank of Switzerland. FDS was requested to examine an entry in a police notebook to ascertain whether or not it was a contemporaneous forensic ink dating specialist of events. If an entry is dated inbut the ink was not available until then the document could not have been created in Such intra-comparisons of inks may reveal pua online dating routines the questioned entries were not written contemporaneously with the other entries in the file document.

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Aginsky has developed the SET as a result of many years of research of the ink aging methodology developed and published by Dr. However, since this is a very small portion of the actual type of cases seen, we will concentrate primarily on more recent developments.

However, the results of the TLC test showed that the questioned ink was a different formulation than any other entry in the entire diary. The last example was a receipt book containing a receipt that was purported to have been written in This evidence butriced the conclusion of authorship that was arrived at from the handwriting examination.

The determination of the type of writing instrument is probably the oldest method of ink dating.

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Not my signature on that forensic ink dating specialist Pen pressure in signature examinations Police notebook entry Re-examination of crime scene Skull-duggery Who sat the test? This addition was made sometime in There were many different types of ink used throughout the diary.

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Learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. In the stage of final analysis, if all the possible matches are eliminated then no conclusion can be drawn other than that the ink does not match any of the standards in the library. The answer to that question may determine whether the document has been altered by adding certain information.

These procedures have been used for over ten years. This is an example of how a presentation can be made to the court using TLC testing to demonstrate the basis for a conclusion of an ink identification. Based on the identification of formulation, which will be discussed next, it may be possible to exclude some of the possibilities and further narrow the range sometimes to only one year.

If at least one of these tests shows a significant statistical difference between the heated and unheated samples, it is concluded that the ink is still in the drying process.

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Ink dating — fourth case example — The fourth example was a portion of evidence in a case that contained a mountain of evidence showing that some engineering notebooks were added to and written after the fact. Who sent the threatening letters?

A thin layer chromatography examination was conducted on the two questioned entries and compared to the writings known to have been written by the doctor denying authorship, as well as several dozen comparison samples from other writers throughout the chart.

All of the entries that did concern the alleged harassment had been contaminated with a yellow highlighter so that a relative ink age determination discussed in the next chapter could not be performed. Manufacturers used two types of chemical date tags in their ink formulations. Such transfers will occur only when inks are freshly applied.

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Then by researching the library information or contacting the manufacturer an exact date of commercial availability can be established. Paul Westwood and Michelle Novotny In the following real case examples, one can see the manner in which the three thin layer chromatography tests can be used to aid in examinations.

Multiple inks can be chemically compared with each other to corroborate or refute whether the entries were created contemporaneously or produced over multiple periods of time. A thin layer chromatography TLC test was conducted to compare the ink formulations used to write the questioned entry to the other unquestioned blue ballpoint inks used in the book. The chemical analysis of writing and printing inks, as well as paper, can be invaluable when trying to prove whether a document is fraudulent.

This case was somewhat unique in the manner in which the evidence was collected and submitted. The second way to date inks is by how long the ink has been on the paper, this is a dynamic approach to ink dating that measures changes over time to the ink as it sits on paper. Ink Dating and Ink Aging.

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The ink that was used to write the questioned entries was identified as manufactured by Formulabs, formula