Found out my girlfriend is on a dating site Found out gf updated her Plenty of fish profile and was online today?

Found out my girlfriend is on a dating site, what happened?

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You don't imagine you can get her to pity you back into her life? Granted, I am no saint either, if I met someone, and I was intrigued, I would in fact look at other sites and see if he was on there Do not repost removed material Posts that are removed by the AutoModerator that are missing information submitted for approval will not be considered unless you use the link explaining what was wrong with the post.

I'm not excusing her behavior either; your relationship sounds proper fucked. OP I'm not saying this to be a dick or to make you feel bad, but rather to help you understand the gravity of insecurity in a relationship.

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Except you saying she's your girlfriend. He knows what's in my inbox because I've already told him.

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Neither one, if you ask me. None of the match.

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Jumping the gun a little? Online dating is extremely risky in some cases.

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When I write in normal text, it's just me. You're one good message away from being dropped like a bad habit.

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Odds are she'll lie anyway. Your girlfriend will either realise she has a lot to lose or be grateful for your emotional maturity in having the courage to quit. Location The Back of Beyond Posts 5, You'll get more answers from her than from internet strangers.

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A She doesn't cheat and she denies it, and her stories check out. Top Threads Worrying it's getting to late for me to ever get married and have kids It's my 35th b-day coming soon and I'm getting depressed: How did you find this out?

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So I found my girlfriend's match. So, my question is this: I was 21 and have since learned a lot.

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If your curiosity gets to you get a hidden camera maybe for the door or driveway even and don't tell her.