Good girl dating a thug What are the Pros and Cons of dating a thug and a nice guy

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What about when there is violence? Having a short term fling with a thug can be exciting and fulfilling for a woman, so that can be a pro.

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Men like this run just as much game and pull you into just as much drama as the thugs. Be blessed my brothers.

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Offer sistas peace of mind, nice, easy going, able to get along with, has talents and worthwhile and unique qualities to offer sistas and responsible.

I'm not gonna ignore this interesting thread!

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How experiences change you. But when I met him.

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They realize the unemployable and unskilled goods girl dating a thug can't pay the bills. What do you believe is the pros and cons.

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If we would stop looking down on people by thinking that we are better than somebody else maybe our so called thugs wouldn't have to make a stand or fill a stereotyical profile.

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Thugs are equivilant to a female prostitute until Black people realize that our race will continue to be the laughing stock of america.

Will you recognize them for what they are? I agree you shouldn't feel back for a women that suffers violence, or infedility as a result of her poor choices.

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Our troops are sent over to protect our country and innocent people are being injured and killed just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time a crime and a shame. So sad to report all the teachers, cops that we teach our children to go to in times of trouble. Drug dealers know they are going to jail.

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I could never figure out why women love thugs so much, but I guess low self esteem does contribute…I also wonder why they wait until they have their babies before they vilify them…. I also here not 'man' enough, personally don't believe it though. At least a few times a week.

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I wrote a post about this same thing on my site http: Not to mention all of the down low brothers out there still playing the straight card in public. Men — if you want to improve your ability to interact with women, you can read this book and learn what NOT to do! Our eyes met briefly, and I noticed a sweet smile come across her face.