Gretsch drums serial number dating How to Date Gretsch Drums

Gretsch drums serial number dating

The badge has changed drastically over the years. I applaud this effort The first Gretsch badge, introduced in the s and in use until the s, was a round brass over nickel badge nailed to the drum with upholstery tacks.

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Because the approach is serial number based, it only applies to Gretsch drums with serial numbers starting in aboutLudwig main line drums with serial numbers starting in late As far as age of your drums, I can help a little.

If you are having a hard time and need more help then visit our drum forum which is the largest vintage drum forum on the Internet become a member and ask your Gretsch questions there. Some of these variations do not appear in the catalogs. If you just want an answer in order to sell the drum on eBay or Craigslist, I suggest that you just provide pictures of the drums, paper labels, badges and other information in your listing and let your buyer determine how old it is.

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Please do not then take this estimate and put in your eBay drum serial number dating that you drum has been "evaluated by Gretsch expert Richard Gier" and he determined the exact moment your drum was made. Is my drum COB. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

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Guys like you are what make this forum great! Rick did not want to merely recite the legend and lore but wanted to apply a fresh and unbiased view to the Gretsch dating issue. Send a private message to KCDrumDad. After one last push to gather information see aboveI hope to finalize the paper and publish it.

Information on Gretsch Serial Numbers

Switch to Threaded Mode. The lack of understanding of Gretsch's use of serial numbers leaves the vintage drum owner relatively few tools for estimating the age of their vintage Gretsch drum. Find all posts by thornbeck. From the set it looks like a clean but the serial numbers don't match. Oxnard, CA KCDrumDad, is this available elsewhere by chance? At the present time.

Gretsch History

The paper has been revised twice as new data has been gathered. Rob Cook just listed it on eBay yesterday.

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Edited by Jazz Drummer, 20 October - It contains over 75 footnotes to provide additional detail or point the reader to other sources of information. Enclosed a picture of the set as well as 2 pictures from what I believe a catalog according to Gretsch a with reference to your link.

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As far as serial numbers, the rhyme and reason is not widely understood. This seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation. Gretsch stops instrument production to assist in war efforts. After that, we traded multiple e-mails asking and answering each other's questions.