Grindr hookup gone bad 6 Gruesome Tales of Gay Hook-Ups Gone Wrong

Grindr hookup gone bad

Even though Brock had every intention to at least give the impression that he was interested in the movie, his pent-up libido had other plans. I went into the kitchen and started cleaning myself off in the sink.

It Flowed Like Lava

After a couple of swipes on his Grindr and a few pics swapped back and forth, he had found a willing bottom that could host. Nearly two hours later, the burning horror had subsided. It flowed like lava. Mario had just finished his workout and was relaxing in the steam room. Finally, they had made it to the bed, where Zane lay on his back and the boy began to ride him. It was fun sex. He quickly jumped out and began to dry off.

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It was hookup gone bad a casual, lazy kind of Tuesday night for Clarence when he decided he wanted to have some fun. He had met up with a Grindr interest who he had been chatting back and forth with for awhile. But for these six unsuspecting victims, what started as a harmless romp in the sheets turned into a moment of sheer terror that they will never forget.

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Trimming, shaving, and douching; it was a total event. The sex was clearly over, and it was evident that his friend was in agonizing pain as he dressed.

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Hours later, Brock received a text from his sex-mate from the emergency room. It had been a grueling process, and he was ready to let off some steam. I was talking dirty, slapping, spitting.

The Boy Who Could Never Get Enough

I grabbed by clothes and ran for the door. What kind of lube is this?

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I leaned to the side to see what he was doing up there. The blow left his head pounding with stars in his eyes. At first, everything was the business of pleasure as usual. The boy was cute, he was horny, and they were both drunk and eager.

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Yes, while Clarence was mid-thrust, the guy was already arranging for his next visitor. But what would happen later that night would make the biggest porn fan swear off masturbation for good.

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Is it really happening?