Halo matchmaking problems reddit MODERATORS

Halo matchmaking problems reddit

Which is why I continue to ask, what is the point of "divisions" if I am not going to face my "division"?

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Consistently ranked diamond in Team arena from season to season, but almost always playing against onyx's with a champ thrown in every couple games.

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Post all Spoilers in the following format: Like I said those are the ones I face most often and sometimes they don't always happen but usually they do. If they are basing it on some mystical background CSR, and not the rank that your GT shows, then something is seriously fucked here. Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. What should we call you?

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Add it to the never ending halo matchmaking problems reddit of problems that MCC has. This does not remove spoilers within the submission.

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Never had a full team from the start. Release Download links for ElDewrito 0. You look at his game history in the link above- most of the games are very close.

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On the other hand, I will say that Balanced overall worked pretty well, until this season, as it seems like everyone got ranked higher than they should have. I'm usually plat, but I just get games where half or more are unranked, like every game even after I get ranked.


This game's servers are god awful. So yes, it is game-breaking. The onyx rankings on my team csr combined probably would have been enough for Champion, we were both like and It happens to me every games. I know the system is not perfect but it seems to do a good job at pairing you up with players near your skill level regardless of what "rank" you are placed. Move on, play more games.

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It's population is likely lower, and it's SWAT- the variance in those games are going to be huge for reasons I shouldn't have to explain. Other issues like getting matched against high ranks as a low rank is because of the population.

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