Hook up a double light switch How To Install or Replace a Light Switch

Hook up a double light switch

Finally, attach the switch to the box.

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Turn the electricity back on at free online dating denver co mains and press the double switch light onto the ''on" position. A double light switch is a single device with one switch stacked on top of the other.

Why do I have to have both switches in the on position for the outside light to work? Step 5 Wrap one black wire from one of the light fixtures around one of the brass screws on the left side of the double switch. The hot wire is usually red, but can also be black. Remove insulation so three-quarters inch of the copper conductor is showing.

Steps for Replacing a Light Switch

Determine which side of the switch is for feed wires and which is for neutral wires. It doesn't matter if you're wiring something simple hook up a double light switch a double light switch or as complicated as a junction box, as the seriousness is the same. How to Install a Sconce Light Fixture. Restore power and test the switch. The most common type turns lights or appliances on by flipping the switch up. Let the wires dangle out into open air.

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Partially unscrew the feed wire and both neutral wires. Remove mounting screws and gently extract the switch from the wall box.

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Frequently, the feed wire terminals screws are black or silver. Wire the light fixture side of the electrical double light switch. All information is provided "AS IS.

How to Wire an Outdoor Flood Light. Since not everyone feels comfortable working with electricity, use this guide to help you decide whether you should DIY or hire a guy. If checking your connections still doesn't work, you should make sure that the feed wire is in the correct side of the switch.

Materials Required:

Tighten both brass screws to hold the black wires from the light fixtures to the double switch. The wires are held in place by screws, often called "terminals. The switch is the actual device you shift up and down and controls whether the lights are on or off. The three-way switch is regularly used in pairs and allows you to turn a light or receptacle on and off from two separate places. Then, mimic the wire connections on the old double light switch by wrapping the ends of the hot wires around these screws. Take a picture of the current fixture for future reference. Anticipate emergencies and have a first aid and emergency response kit on hand, even if you think you can handle things.

They are likely your two feed wires, and will need to be installed on separate terminals later on. All information is provided "AS IS. Locate the power supply wire in the electrical switch box. How do I wire a double switch if there is only 1 black wire, 1 white wire, and a ground coming from my fan and light? Tighten each screw down so that the wires cannot move. Post it on Your Projects! Phillips head screwdriver Wire stripper Slotted screwdriver Electrical tape Long nose pliers Voltage tester The installation only takes about 10 minutes.

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Connect the three bare copper ground wires together from inside the switch box, the two bare copper wires that lead to the two separate lights and the bare copper wire that leads back to the circuit panel. Covering all bare wires and terminals with electrical tape ensures safety.