Hook up rocker switch connecting a rocker switch with 2 terminals

Hook up rocker switch

Now, if I were to connect my switch with AC source to power my power supply in the following configuration:. Push the bare end of the wire through the hole in the tab, bend it back and cover with a small piece of electrical tape or solder.

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Here's how it works: Connect your first ground wire from the terminal of what you're powering to the switch's "gnd" connection. Rocker Switch Wiring In this article, we will show how to wire a rocker switch to a circuit. If you are using one of my 3-terminal AC switches in a 12V DC situation - use only terminals 1 and 2, the numbers are marked on the switch.

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This is when the DC motor is shut off. Below are the 3 pins that form electrical connection with a circuit, each described with their function in the circuit: Post as a browning gun dating Name. Rocker Switch Internal Construction Diagram We will now go over the wiring diagram of a rocker switch, so that you can hook up rocker switch how rocker switches are internally constructed.

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Phoenix OpenProject 1 1 2. Pin 2 connects to the accessory or load which you want to power, which in this case is a DC motor.

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This translates into the following model in a real life rocker switch: As shown below, rocker switches have 3 electrical connections. When the switch of the rocker switch is flipped to the ON position to the leftthe DC motor turns on and operates.

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Your safety and any legal claims rest with your electrician. It doesn't really matter which terminal on the switch connects to the battery and which one to the light as long as you are breaking the positive usually red wire. Cut your ground wires to length. Join them; it only takes a minute: Of course, with this connection, the lamp will not be used, and will not light when the load is on. The second power wire must be long enough to reach from what you're powering like a light to the "power" connection on the switch.

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If you can strip some wire, installing a lighted rocker switch is a pretty straightforward job. Disconnect the battery before starting.