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Unlike other sites, our sign-up ratio of female to male members is around Read more from Women. Read this letter Profiles With Personality and Panache 08 Jun, 66 comments I have encountered a number of correspondents on this forum, who seem unhappy about the small For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.

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Some of us want, and need, a lifelong monogamous relationship. Used by over 1, genuine UK users since Her story sounds brilliant. Profiles With Personality and Panache 08 Jun, 66 comments.

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How to avoid being found out part 2 05 Jun, 26 comments. Send your letters to Sara letters illicitencounters.

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From Boadicea to Mrs Pankhurst Admit you made a mistake by "settling for" him and move on. He rarely complimented me and I constantly sought attention elsewhere, even if it was just an admiring look.

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Letters to Sara Stood Up Again! Used by illicit dating 1, genuine UK illicit datings since Letters to Sara Stood Up Again!

Whenever someone is dishonest it makes you wonder just how far that dishonesty extends.

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The one that got away 26 May, 48 comments Have you ever met anybody really, really special, someone you still pine for but is no longer in Social Events Testimonials Diary Forum. Platform' ; if meta.