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Indian matchmaking in malaysia

Not only did a large number of Tamils migrate to the Malaysian and Sumatran ports but they also carried their religious, cultural and linguistic traditions with them.

Bengalis were mostly professionals while the Sikhs staffed the police and military posts. Like the custom followed in their country of origin, Indian elders in Malaysia too have traditionally taken charge of matchmaking negotiations.

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The Tamil migrants were brought over to work mostly in the rubber estates while the Gujarati and Sindhi communities were encouraged in trading activities, especially the textile business. The Indian student population in Malaysia is largely limited to the children of earlier generation of Indian immigrants. The second major wave of Indian migration to Malaysia came about during the British colonization of the Indian subcontinent and then parts of Southeast Asia.

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Arokiaswamy whose book Tamil Influences in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines is an important record of the linguistic influence of Tamil in the indian matchmaking in malaysia, believe that Tamil was the most-used language of commerce in the Malay Peninsula from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.

Indians in Malaysia are either the descendents of the earliest South Indian migrants in the eleventh century or those who settled in the country during the period of British colonization. This phase of migration is a classic example of how the British rulers segregated and then stereotyped Indian communities to serve their own colonial interests.

There are a plethora of matchmaking and dating sites dedicated to connecting young Malaysian Indian singles from various parts of the country and even across the world. Today the Indian community is one of the most successful in Malaysia despite largely preserving their ancient religious and cultural practices — something which is evident in the dating and matchmaking process of the community. And the community popularly known as Chitty is in fact the result of Tamil descendants intermarrying with locals of Chinese or Malay origin.

It is not only important for a Hindu to marry someone from his or her indian matchmaking in malaysia but a Hindu Tamil is also expected dating providence ri marry only another Hindu Tamil.

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Besides actual associations founded by the Indian community, many of them have sprung in the virtual world too. However there are certain common features like a traditional belief in the system of arranged marriages.

Other than these popular matrimonial sites catering to specific Indian communities they also have links to countries like Malaysia. For instance the Gujarati Association Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor or GAWP founded by the members of the Gujarati community in Malaysia have their own websites which not only protects interests of Malaysians of Gujarati descent but also promotes interaction among its indian matchmaking in malaysia members through a link to its youth page.

This led to a booming overseas trade between the South Indian kingdoms and the Malaysian ports which consequently meant a vibrant exchange of culture and people between the two regions. These associations also help its members stay in touch with their ethnic roots by organizing religious celebrations, cultural events and social get-togethers.

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Nevertheless the Malaysian college campuses make for great venues of social interaction where the students of Indian origin can meet and make friends from other communities like Malays and Chinese. The rise of identity politics all over the world has had its impact on Malaysia too. However a ten-century old history of migration is bound to leave behind large instances of marrying into other ethnic, religious and linguistic groups.


There are now a large number of Indian associations in Malaysia like the Malaysian Indian Business Association and the Miri Indian Association which raise awareness of the business, political, social and economic rights of the community. In fact historians like Celine W. In fact bythe Indian population stood at over eight million, a large percentage of which came back to India with the political independence of first India and then Malaysia as well as with the exit of the British indians matchmaking in malaysia from the region.

Recent Indian immigrants to Malaysia largely comprise of skilled professionals working in the engineering, construction, hospitality and finance sectors. The presence of Indians in Malaysia goes back to the eleventh century when Tamils from southern India established maritime trading ties with many countries in South East Asia. During the eleventh century the Chola dynasty in southern India raised a powerful fleet of ships for maritime security and trade and which plied in the Bay of Bengal as well as the Indian Ocean.

Today the Indian origin population in Malaysia follows a wide variety of religious and cultural practices — all of which inform dating and matchmaking in individual indians matchmaking in malaysia. However with changing times, the younger generations have acquired a greater say in decisions affecting their personal lives. Other than these, there are also associations founded by specific Indian communities like AMMA or the All Malaysia Malayalee Association dedicated to the people from the Indian southern state of Kerala and the Malaysian Bengalee Association founded by the Bengali migrants to Malaysia.

Interestingly, the geographical division of the various communities is reminiscent of the colonial settlement of their ancestors. Skip to main content. The history of Indian migration to Malaysia is around a thousand years old.