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I dating site ya man I really wanna meet a garner girl who enjoys the passions of gaming as much as I do. It has tons of members and more girls than most non-geek dating sites a major plus for you guys.

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Wow, what a great and comprehensive! Kyle O'Connor May 13, Has anyone tried it yet? Seems like the crowd at our local comic book shop are pretty adept at playing musical beds.

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Still, anyone tech-savvy enough to use this site is probably going to have a dating site amount of geekiness to them, so your odds of meeting a compatible geek here are pretty good. ScientificMatch — This site uses your actual, physical DNA to measure your compatibility with other singles at the genetic level.

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Im more than willing to make time for her and spend time with her but they never want me to play any games of any kind. Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It… — From the Best of Craigslist15 reasons why women should pay more attention to the quiet geeks and nerds, and less attention to the flashy boys.

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There are also forums, groups, personal blogs, member videos and more. Gorgeous Gamers — Another dating site for gaming fanatics, Gorgeous Gamers lets you rate guys and girls with hardcore gaming obsessions.

The Ultimate Geek Dating Guide: OmniDate — While not targeted exclusively towards geeks, OmniDate offers a virtual dating experience, complete with character avatars and interactive environments.

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This service specializes in taking top-quality dating pictures designed to make you look your best. Not sure if you will still update this post, but http: You might get a kick out of it or you might be insulted. Do you love museums? David May 28,9: Sweet on Geeks also features Geek Singles Nights all over the country. If you want to hit me up on twitter https: The Atlasphere — Online dating for the Ayn Rand set.

Some of the language is a bit NSFW. Maryam, there are plenty more reasons to date geeks… — A response to the above article listing 10 more reasons geeks make great dates. A really great list, hopefully if you add to it you might include mine. Are they sure about that? Ian Berry February 8,8: