Inter office dating policies Can an Employer Prohibit Employees from Dating One Another?

Inter office dating policies

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Check your state and local laws for exceptions, which do exist and are usually centered on employee privacy or limitations for employers on prohibiting nonwork activities. When employees interact with students, staff are in a position of trust and power.

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You can ban it. In a better scenario, coworkers would find it easier to claim that an employee received preferential treatment from a supervisor he or she is dating.

HR Policies & Procedures

The legal issue is what I like to call the "amplification" of potential liability that always exists around the employer-employee relationship. Violations of this policy by an employee is grounds for the Performance Management process, up to and including discharge.

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This seems to be the overwhelming favorite for smaller inters office dating policies or companies that are just starting to formalize employee training. If the rumor mill goes into high gear, that might be the right time.

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As companies grow and add employees, you will often see signs of budding workplace relationships. No-dating policies generally ban dating between a supervisor and their subordinate.

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Options include, but are not limited to: Any employee who engages in such a relationship must accept responsibility for assuring that it does not result in a conflict of interest or raise other issues of professionalism.

Children, family members, associates or friends are welcome for occasional, brief visits in the workplace.

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Consensual sexual relationships between a student and an employee who is not in a position to exercise direct power or authority over that student may also be inappropriate. Often a CEO or president will look at the potential for risk and weigh that against the ability to police and enforce a policy.

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This can cause other problems, such as loss of confidence from clients or shareholders. Approved by Traci K.

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If they're common and happen in your workplace all the time, great. Prohibiting it could decrease morale and could even result in losing employees who wish to date coworkers but cannot. Even if it does not violate a written policy, your boss the CEO or the board might not care, and view it as a lack of senior management acumen.

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