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Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. Nooooo, I loved that Pi and Keiko were together. Login using your 6Theory account. Apparently Kitagawa had been seen on a birthday date with actor Mukai Osamu while Yamashita had been spotted hanging out with an ordinary girl.

However these are only talks from her previous partners and here is some real information about Keiko.

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Keiko is called as a strong woman and in one recent magazine there is an article about her and her femininity, which might not be so good.

Not that hard to guess who that actress could be, huh? I wanted to become a doctor or an astronaut". So who is the real one? Once Keiko Kitagawa boyfriend was Yamashita Tomohisa, or at least they were allegedly dating.

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That's old news The grapevine Profile Ok, who's next?! If the previous datings were true as well, it would mean that their relationship lasted for about 1 year.

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Or login using facebook or twitter. She's 37 now and has a lot of female fans that would probably also be very supportive of a possible marriage. She made it clear that he was handsome and that she was lucky to get to know him.

Thus, these rumors did not last for so long, because after some time Osamu Mukai was called as Keiko Kitagawa boyfriend. That's my wishful thinking, god that would be awesome to read about.

When asked about her dreams as a student, Kitagawa said, " Since I liked going to the doctor, I always admired the people working there.

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Reply Parent Thread Link. Like a boss" What is that all about?

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They could have at least given him a wicked moustache. This is the Secondary Sidebar Widget Area. Keiko Kitagawa lives an interesting love life and there are plenty of rumors about her current and also past lovers. Keiko decided to leave modeling in order to become an actress and she succeeded in this.

Thus, before becoming an actor he had ordinary jobs that include working as a bartender in one bar in Tokyo.

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In addition here are some facts about the former Keiko Kitagawa boyfriend, Osamu. He has majored in genetic engineering in Meili University. Further they've explained that the good-looking Y and beautiful K have often been spotted on dates before. Her personal life is not as successful as her career, although she might think the opposite way. Seeing this, Igarashi Shunjiwho plays the cross-dressing character of Isabellaplayfully bit his handkerchief. Her first role was in the movie Sailor Mars and since then she has appeared in a lot of moves.