Last of us multiplayer matchmaking The Last of Us Remastered Patch Addresses Long Multiplayer Waits

Last of us multiplayer matchmaking, want to add to the discussion?

Could you try a wired connection and see if the issue is still occurring?

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Your password has been reset. The Last of Us Multiplayer is great, but something is amiss.

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I've tried allowing parties, and not allowing them When it was announced that Uncharted 2: Your matchmaking is absolute garbage. Not to mention the main focus of any naughty dog game is the single player, not the freaking multiplayer.

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I'm on a wireless connection. Naughty Dogs not half bad at multiplayer modes.

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Since The Last of Us Remastered launched, there have been numerous complaints from owners about the lengthy matchmaking times. Game to Maintain Multiplayer Last of Us fans, though, the multiplayer mode Last of Us 2 has the potential to match its.

Oh man, oh man. Mostly it's worked well but there are a few times where I'll get killed and then nothing happens and I'm left staring at my dead body but I can still hear the game going on around me and sometimes I get disconnected from everyone else in the game but I'm still able to walk around and shoot but no one else is there even though I can hear them.

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Naughty Dog is making up for its matchmaking efforts in the best way. It does seem to be getting better as time goes on and I'm sure it's most likely my internet rather than your game.

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If you're a fan of the multiplayer mode in The Last of Us on PS3, you'll like several of the enhancements being put into next week's forthcoming PS4 version. We've last of us multiplayer matchmaking sent you an email to. Log In Sign Up. You can find players from all platforms here!

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