My friend is dating a drug dealer IT HAPPENED TO ME: My Boyfriend Is A Coke Dealer

My friend is dating a drug dealer, 10 things to consider before you date a drug dealer

It all started with his paranoia, he would get paranoid just by me looking at him in the wrong way or being polite to his friends. I have been involved with a dealer for a few months now. You avoid the masses with drugs -- do enough so that all you see when someone is blabbering on to you is lips moving and all you hear is a faint buzz. Drugs kill and the people who sell them belong in jail. We laugh a lot, are both cool to my friend is dating a drug dealer in the same room without having to talk much, but still feeling close.

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Yes, if you work hard, and make the best of your resources, then it can lead to a better life, but like one of the posters mentioned, when you're trying to survive, you do what you need to, to get by in the moment.

I don't think I'd be able to live with myself knowing that this guy is out selling drugs to people and you're not doing anything about it.

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The only thing going for your relationship right now is mutual trust and good communication, and apparently drugs rank as a higher priority for her. You are commenting using your Twitter account. She has a hard drug habit.

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This is interesting to me bc I am more respectable than most of his friends and the other women he knows simply bc I have a stable job in a field he and others consider respectable.

I saw a knife pierced into his body—just sticking out of him.

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Oh, really early on. I didn't hear from her for awhile and i guess she stayed over at his place again doing pills. How long into your relationship did he begin dealing drugs? The whole situation made me uneasy because another time she said she was going out to watch a soccer game on tv with friends but I could tell it meant him.

Dating a drug dealer.? Obviously, money and drugs took precedence over you.


Start looking for productive activity to occupy your time. Which I have been somewhat because of some mean things Hook up muay thai price said in reaction to the parts she left out or being deceived. Take that how you will.

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My partners a DD, had been for a long time. When we turned 5 months he became a different man. Do not be niave.