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Unlawful Possession of visual presentation depicting sexual conduct of person under 16 years of age. Premarital Agreements - FAQ's. Commission of certain sexual acts in public. If you are charged with statutory rape, you should contact a local criminal defense attorney in Nevada. What can I do? Nevada has ten statutory sexual abuse charges on the books which are used to prosecute age of consent and child abuse related crimes within the state.

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But Nevada law leaves a gaping loophole for dangerous people like. Sales Sales Affiliates Library Trade. How It Works Briefly tell us about your case Provide your contact information Choose attorneys to contact you. Statutes governing Nevada's age of consent, associated criminal charges, available defenses, and penalties for conviction.

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Mark as helpful Helpful 0 comments. The Age of Consent ranges state-by-state from 16 to 18 years old across the United States.

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Federal Tort Claims Act Litigation. You must enable JavaScript to use this application.

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People who engage in sexual activity with children younger than that may be prosecuted for statutory rape. Age dating laws in nevada. There is no law on this. Firearms under federal and Nevada law.

Statutory Rape

In the United States, the age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. In a prosecution for statutory rape, it's irrelevant whether the victim consented, or even initiated the activity. Find a Legal Form. Credit, Debt and Collections Law. Child support Burden of Proof My ex is taking me to court for arrears for child.

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Posted August 27, 1: Nevada statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age