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That's good to know. So, does dating a medical resident still sound romantic and nurse dating nurses Its a mojor pain. We offer dating tips and advice for a range of cities across the country.

We work in the same unit that's were we met. What state or if you aren't comfortable giving that info, what region? So, a relationship can be tough.

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The point is, they work long, steady hours that are usually fairly predictable. We both have very different jobs really, but we are the BEST team!!!

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You quickly learn not to piss them off when they're shifting from day shifts to night shifts. Hospital doctors are married to the job, and I was looking for somebody to be married to me. Scheduling is hard, we're both equally exhausted all the time, and like someone else said, lots of work talk.

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I have had several patients ask me if work is like Grey's Anatomy-the hooking up part, too, especially since I work at a teaching hospital where most of the doctors and nurses are younger.

Which means you find some pretty damn weird things lying around the place. Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes.

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When we travel nursed, we at one point had a month and a half period where we literally had 2 yes, TWO common days off. At any given moment, your shared closet contains about seven pairs of Crocs, some neon trainers, and two pairs of waterproof clogs. One partner's unit wants them to work T-day and have Christmas off, the other partner's unit needs them for Christmas and New Year's but not T-day blah blah. I think it'd be great to able to share such a huge part of your life together. I personally would love to date another nurse.

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As always, speak to your healthcare professional for answers specific to your condition. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr.

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Nurses know how to take care of themselves and how to take care of others. It was something he's always wanted to pursue, really.

Get the pay and career path you deserve. Although it seems that EVERY male nurse is married with three kids, or at least in a very serious relationship.

1. They have crazy hours

Once we had a traveling couple in the OR, and they nurse dating nurses had an RV and went from job to job, and they both could scrub, so they'd be teamed up sometimes. Yeah, fortunately I wasn't the one who put myself out there, but it was still plenty awkward. We work for a travel company with the same recruiter, so we get to work assignments in the same location, preferably the same hospital, and we split all the living expenses.

Apr 12, '05 by Dixielee. In fact, hospital call rooms have very small, squeaky beds and very thin walls!

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Having a hard time picking a name? But like I said before, any connections I make would be strictly platonic.