Online dating asking for name when do you ask for a last name?

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Blur out the faces of anyone who isn't you. You ask me this, and I will run like hell - it smacks of paranoia. Andrew August 27, at 2: After all, I would learn it eventually, and it didn't matter much in the meantime. Anonymous August 26, at 3: Normally rapists, convicted felons or men into child p0rnography aren't "nice people". If you are really not feeling comfortable with the idea of meeting people one on one, you may want to try meetups instead.

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What's your last name? I once dated someone who now falls into this category, that is, if they had not been there already.

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If a girl asked me my last name too soon, I might be a little suspicious. People can google me all they want, with full name and birth date and won't find a thing so that has nothing to do with it.

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Ask for his first and last name before meeting in person. Your meeting someone for a drink or a coffee. Anyway, thanks - I enjoy your blog. Would you ask them for this information and ask them to wait while you googled them? You may think that silly picture of you drunk or stoned was funny but it could significantly change your life.

Talk to the person on the phone before meeting. Once you have met the person a few times and trust him or her, that's when showing photos of your kids is great.

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Get a life and stalk another convo on askmen. Just open up to her. In my experience, the first meeting should only be for an hour or two. A lot of girls balked at my request for their last name. But, after date number 2, when I'd said "oh, no no no, never mind" the next day to is jenelle still dating gary but not had a chance to have that conversation with Date yetshe added me on Facebook.

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You dating asking for name made dating sound so scary. The only way to get to know someone is to actually do the footwork and get to know them.

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Not one single opinion here said you were wrong; only that you're thinking getting his name before the meeting will make all you safe is a wrong assumption. So my question is why put someone on the spot with an intrusive question?

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Most guys who ask me this question do so just before or after asking me about my heritage. It could potentially be more invasive than helpful. Related Questions Are there any free dating sites? Do you live in a small town where everybody knows each other? Add a Comment click here to cancel reply.