Otaku speed dating Otaku Speed Dating

Otaku speed dating

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How It Works Register online for one of our otaku speed dating dating events We'll send you a confirmation email with your ticket Come to our venue and prepare to meet other fellow otaku We'll rotate you between your dates every 3 minutes At the end we'll ask you to rate your dates to find matches We'll send you an email if you match with anyone Get Your Tickets Today.

Otaku speed dating was definitely a memorable experience! Otaku Speed Dating was great because I finally met a girl that's down to play some competitive Smash Bros with me.

I like to go to a lot of cons but none of my friends cosplay!

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Lauren, 19, Manhattan I love going to different meetups in the city to meet new people. Speed Dating Benefits Meet like-minded otaku, gamers, and geeks in the city Experience dating multiple people in under one hour Boost your confidence with face-to-face conversations Quickly see if you connect with someone or not Enjoy a calming environment at one of our city venues Get connected with dates that showed interest in you Start new relationships with a variety of interesting people Start Meeting New People.

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What People Are Saying. Buy Tickets Contact Us. I finally found someone to cosplay with after speed dating.

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I love going to different meetups in the city to meet new people.