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I told her I was in front of the Macy's like we agreed then she said "oh!

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I'm too baffled to say anything or resist as he grabs my hands at this point, but I keep my eyes dating stories, sure he's trying to pull a move here and go in for a kiss. He's honestly one of the sweetest men I've ever met, he took me on what was the most romantic date I've ever had got dinner, a bottle of wine and took me to the beach at sunset. If he's not, he's an idiot.

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If you were within ft of a campfire dude played something by Sublime, no question. When it came time for his train home he purposely missed it so he could stay the night.

We keep talking and we eventually made plans to meet up and he says, "I just want you to know that I am really fat.

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I guess his dating tactics weren't working for him. One guy who never stopped dating stories about his job for the entire date - he'd break his stream of words to ask me close-ended questions, and then go right back to his job. I shudder when I think about it, even over a year later I can feel the phantom drool on my face.

It was one of the worst dates I have been on. You should've told the friend to fuck off.

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This happened about 10 more times since October until I think he finally got the hint. It's just so hard to trust again after something like that happens.

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Holy shit, I used to know someone like this. After I tell him my favorite band is Imagine Dragons, he says that we should close our eyes, hold hands, and imagine dragons in our minds for 20 seconds.

See, for a guy, realizing that you are not going to leave and he is going to bang a girl while another one hides under the covers a few feet away is a huge turn-on. This would normally not be a problem at all but we had just talked about how neither of us really drink much. Haven't been hiking since. Your roommate is probably getting the best sex of her life, and it's at your expense.

Hit the In n' Out before getting back on the highway and driving home. It was awesome and I was hoping he'd kiss me but he didn't. For some reason, I didn't shut the door in his face.

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I Drink about a 5th of the 5th so I'm not TOO sloppy, but maintain that easy going personality with less second guessing my references in conversation for fear date won't understand and I will need to explain. The awkwardness and uncomfortability of these dates is hard enough to read; I can't imagine being there. And then he told me he had severe depression and was into BDSM "just in case we ever get into a serious relationship". I remember turning his windshield wipers on and honking his horn as a couple walked by in a crosswalk.

Just horrified, awkward stares.

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I roll up to her place and this is when shit started to go downhill fast. After asking me for homework help over the phone I tell her to tell me her address so I can help in person.

Good that your friend didn't risk it at all. Your username is how other community members will see you. This is where I wanted to end the date, but being a silly optimist, I had already bought the movie tickets online.

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There were a million red flags going off for me, but I decided to be nice and stick it out. About what you post: I, honest to God, thought I was in a bad TV show. He would go from telling me I'm an awful person to saying that I was such a princess what a nice guy huh.

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Tells me she's not going to drink ok I'm fine with this. The quick and dirty version click the graphic for the full set: He asked where I was going, I said, "Home.

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