T-34-85m matchmaking Weak points of T-34-85M

T-34-85m matchmaking

In tier 8 this tank has no place it's a POS. Marchig 18 Posted 12 April - It's worse than a type 58 in every department.

Grendel61, on Jan 10 - Not every tank suits everybody - just look at my T34 US win rate compared matchmaking the rest of the tanks I play recently. SilentFear 9 Posted 15 January - WG threw in 1k gold and 30 days of premium with it, I'm not sure what else you want. He has a very inaccurate cannon, but nice rate of fire and damage he deals is decent. Popovic 13 Posted 28 January - Surely WG could give the tank preferential matchmaking making, matchmaking as most premium tanks, just keep it out of tier 8 battles, by putting into those sort of battles WG are actually losing money because players will not buy it if they know it's a bit of a joke at tier 8.

Premium matchmakings should be worse than elite vehicles of same tier. The real armor thickness at that spot is around mm. The only problem I find with this tank is the credit income adjustment this tank should get for being a premium tank. Isn't that kind of the point of a premium tank?

Both view ranges are poor for a medium tank especially when you factor in that they both face tier 8 tanks.

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Do not show this dialog again. B E Maus VK I stopped doing that after I was It's performance clearly show it desperately needs preferred MM. Wot t 34 85m matchmaking sites - dating website for twenties korean.

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And even if you can move past the horrid pen on the gun - the aim time is maksim dating j lo accuracy mean you are shafted.

Now that I have watched matchmakings videos of players reviewing the tank I am having serious doubts about its usefulness due to a couple of reasons, first it's mobility, the ground resistance figures for the tank are horrendous, on anything other than flat firm ground the tank can't get anywhere near its so called top speed and its hull traverse is severely compromised so you have great dificulty flanking enemy tanks.

It is what it is unfortunately.

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He has much better armor than the standard T, bus is equipped with far worse cannon. The main point is they are on par compared to their cousins but make more credits per dmg. So it has the second best gun of T The real armor thickness at that spot is around mm. M Leopard 1 T 55A Pz. Cromwell Comet Centurion Mk. Leaving a stock T, and shoving it into T8 matches is just no way of making a premium.

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Introduction British medium tanks. Eokokok 12 Posted 28 January - T doesn't have limited MM. Community Forum Software by IP. Pros and Cons Pros: Smellfire 19 Posted 12 April -

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