What are the problems with radioactive dating Problems With Radioactive Dating Methods

What are the problems with radioactive dating

If you check this educational page by the US Geological Society you will see that they spend all their time talking about the technicalities of radioactive decay.

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If there were say… a global flood partially caused by a collapsing water canopy that to that point surrounded the earth creating a green house effect hinted at in Ge 7: If radiometric dating were inaccurate, it would be easy to show it.

They call eyewitnesses who are required to report what they saw and heard and not what they think or suppose or what someone else thought. The dark matter would have to be there in order to take the heat. You are not eligible to vote on this debate.


I get the impression that you are just inventing ideas with a view to preserving the concept of millions-of-years. Bowman discovered and corrected the errors.

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If someone believes it is 3: The sand grains fall from the upper chamber at a constant rate, said to be analogous to radioactive decay. Do you have a copy? I would think that the older the sample, the larger the overestimate.

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Not even the gospels were written until years after the fact. For example, heavier substances will tend to sink to the bottom of a magma chamber. This can happen, for example, if the earlier formed minerals are heavier than the liquid portion and settle to the bottom of the magma chamber as shown in Figure 3.

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Those who promote the reliability of the method spend a lot of time impressing you with the details of radioactive decay, half-lives, mass-spectroscopes, etc. The problem with this interpretation is that the laminae are entirely too thin and uniform, and extend over too wide an area to have been deposited on the floor of an abnormally calm lake. Thus P1, D1, and N1 are numbers between 0 and 1 whose sum adds to less than 1.

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Radiocarbon dating only can go back 50,yrs, there are many other dating methods used. It would make no difference how accurate or high-tech the wristwatch was.

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