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Technical Features - 25 July, Working from the driver's foot well, route the hose beneath the dashboard so it won't foul the operation of the pedals, steering, handbrake or any other controls.

When your automatic transmission has a faulty controller or is low on transmission fluid, it can cause the You will cut into the vacuum line and splice into the vacuum line with the three-way tee.

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Cut into this line and use the supplied three way tee to splice into the vacuum line and tee your boost gauge line into. By Michael Knowling Click on pics to view larger images.

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Note - in no circumstance should a hose, cable or electrical wire rub against the metal edge of the firewall hole. Last post by squirtbrnr. The hose we selected was one that connects to the purge control solenoid on the underside of the manifold.

How to Customize your engine bay. An accurate reading of how much boost you are pushing into your motor allows you to monitor the level of boost your engine is built to handle, and allows you to tune accordingly.

A boost gauge can improve performance

First, you will need to buy a boost gauge. The cigarette lighter is a good place to get switched power also, which is connected by a black wire in the middle of the cigarette lighter.

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Remember that the green wire has white dashes in it, not a solid white as that is the main control and will keep your taillights constantly illuminated. If so, pop off that panel and remove that bolt.

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By maxxx in forum Nissan Juke Engine Discussion. Find capped off vacuum line.

Where to connect vacuum/boost gauge?

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. I did this so it would hopefully be less objected to the heat from the engine and turbo. The AutoGuide network operates where does boost gauge hook up than automotive forums where our users consult peers for shopping information and advice, and share opinions as a community. And what sort of T-pieces should be used?

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When the winter begins to wind down, you need to use these Red is your constant power and black is the ground wire. This means, if we later decide to remove the boost gauge, the original hose will be long enough to reattach to the manifold connection.