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Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: But it lacks in armour, and the full speed of other tier four scouts. So far I like it.

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How much XP will be needed for the Top on this tank? Its not a scout so look at the Matchmaking chart because it has his own line on the Chart like Kegeyn says. This kind of tank can drive people crazy, you can shoot them up and they can't figure out where the hell you are. This arrangement was seen to be a serious problem, even before the first tanks were issued. JOC 2 Posted 22 February - No more missed important software updates. The vehicle came into service in December A total of 85 vehicles wot t 80 matchmaking mass-produced.

One, two games with the XXX tank. These non-scout light tanks can be very satisfying to play. In higher tier games, you can permatrack multiple tanks with a little bit of practice.

You got a chart in patch changes what is now considered a scout and whats not.

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Gonna stop you right there, the gun depression is workable but by no means good. Its gun is actually pretty accurate with decent pen for its tier. It will improve the manoeuvrability and is necessary to install the better engine. A blog about World of Tanks, All light tanks now get regular matchmaking. Its average not brilliant tank but definitely playable, and you can make profit with it even when you supplement it with prem ammo.

In an attempt to compensate, the T world of tanks t-80 matchmaking tank was designed, a more robust version of the T with a two-man turret. Theoretical Damage Per Minute Nominal: T see the T7 Combat car but. Curiously, even after the T's production line was redesigned, SU self-propelled guns started to be built with the same unsatisfactory unsynchronized two-engine layout, and all of them were later recalled for factory rebuilding as SUMs.

T is not a scout and even though its a light it gets normal matchmaking. Search Advanced Search section: In t I struggle to make a good game, and winrate is way lower than in most of my other tanks. I quite liked the T much more than the T which I hated. Well I beg to differ with some of the comments made here.

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Bonjour je ne suis peux tre que dbutant dans wot avec mes. The T can provide constant and accurate firepower from respectable ranges. I just wot t 80 matchmaking think maybe WOT should revisit the. The conical turret was replaced by one more easily welded out of plate armour, and moved to the left side of the hull.

Why would WG include this into their patent if it isn.

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