Wot m5 stuart matchmaking M5 Stuart needs tougher matchmaking

Wot m5 stuart matchmaking

By the way, there is a thing called the wiki: Do I get one shotted in the first minute or two of a battle a lot? Rautaa 6 Posted 05 February - I personally prefer the Leopard to the Luchs, though the Luchs is objectively better at its tier.

Base HP isthe second turret ups this to Because Tier 4 light tanks do it better.

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Already have an account? Likewise, if you choose a light tank as platoon leader, make sure your platoon selects tanks that top online dating site 2013 1 tier higher than yourself. One of the last games I played on the tank before selling it turned out like this:. The only difference is that my insults were actually funny and clever.

Fully upgraded, the M5 Stuart is actually a M8 Scott. It will see higher wots m5 stuart matchmaking by default. For the loader, Safe Stowage is my trusted pick on every tank.

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Edited by Stormtroop3r, 11 May - Azyur, on Oct 16 - Log in or sign up in seconds. Anyway I will possibly buy the M5 again in the future and maybe sell it again. Scouting is not for everyone. As such, it still posses formidable firepower against lightly armored tanks, but the low penetration hinders it greatly against heavily armored tanks. Name-and-shame is not permitted. The People's Republic of China!

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Some website functions are unavailable because JavaScript is disabled in your browser. The 75mm howitzer, although inaccurate, is also quite devastating when compared to the M5's peers, with the access to HEAT shells and damaging HE shells. If they put it at tier 7 then it needs pref MM.

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Judqment8 11 Posted 05 February - For example, last night when I chose a Tier 4 my buddy could not use the M5 Stuart, but he could as soon as I chose a T5 or higher. Footage of teammates intentionally harassing you or other players is permitted. However, if you are going to go all the way, you can research the Chaffee at a whopping 55 thousand xp.

Wow, only sees Tier 7 now? Playing a bush scout also teaches you a lot about maps and possible firing lines, as you need to position yourself so that you get maximum use of your view range.

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I found it pretty frustrating to deal 10 damage per shot on things like Bisons These tanks are treat as if they were a tier lower. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. The 37 mm Gun T16 autoloading gun is next and is needed to wot m5 stuart matchmaking the next module, the M5A1 turret which has more armour and an increased view range. CountOfTuscany on Wed Mar 27, 5: The increase in viewrange is worth it however.

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I hope all that made sense. MhUser 19 Posted 05 February -