Wot matchmaking winrate Match maker and win rate !

Wot matchmaking winrate

The damage that you do, should be at least equal to the damage you receive not toal hp, since you have battles where not all tanks died I had defeat with Radley-Walters medal I do not like cowards who do not even understand a post, but go ahead and try to bring it down anyway. I'm not sure what is it you are wotting matchmaking winrate.

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Honest, I don't believe MM is anything more than a tiered doorway. Search Advanced Search section: Nonetheless, some people do learn from either situations, but that is not the majority.

HillbillyRockstar02 8 Posted 27 July - Be aware of those high eff platoons and in a end game stage you can judge more easy what kind of tactic someone will use by judging their WR and eff. Panserbjorne39, on 09 November - Panserbjorne39 66 Posted 09 November - That does not preclude intent to make each battle successful. I wanted to know how many of those am I getting. I have raised my stats last games but win rate drops.

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Again, in these situations the path to defeat was already laid out before us. Lol - I guess that was the thought. I too, in the depths of my despair, have at times secretly donned a tin foil cap and cursed matchmaking for clearly seeking to maliciously ruin my dream of a higher win rate. SmirkingGerbil 12 Posted Jul 20 - The average wn8 player skill of a wot matchmaking winrate 10 player is quite high.

Hero, on 18 February - Looks like we have a player for this game. And then next game comes and boom you are dead from first shot and team wins and you get shitty double. It's average just like the other indicators.

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World of Tanks match making system imposes whether you win or you lose. You are the single biggest contributor to your own success or failure in this game. Lord Quixote 80 Posted 10 November - I will not make it public.

Corrupted Ewok, on 09 November -